Hacking Capitalism is an independently published book about modeling the tech industry as a system.

Particularly this book will model computers, humans, and money and their subsequent relationships in tech.

Understand the nature of the tech industry through the same Modeling that investors and entrepreneurs use to rationalize it.

The tech industry is ruthless. However, the tech industry is predictable. This book will teach you to predict the behavior of the industry, and predict its outcomes. Learn to use these tactics to support yourself.

Written For Marginalized Technologists

This book is designed so that anyone will find value, however it specifically designed to give marginalized technologists a set of tools in aiding their ability to exploit a fundamentally unbalanced system.

Think Like A Hacker

This book draws inspiration from my professional history in Linux and Kubernetes security, distributed threat modeling, kernel security, and cloud infrastructure for techniques on modeling and exploiting the system that is the Silicon Valley tech industry.

If you enjoy linear thinking, modeling complex relationships as systems, and learning about the strategy I developed to become a Senior Principal Engineer in Silicon Valley, this book is for you.

Understand Exploitation

Working in tech involves more than just coding. This book is the manual that I wish I had in my career that will lay out the culture, economics, expectations, and business philosophies such that anyone can understand.

Learn to exploit the system, before the system exploits you.

Privilege Escalation

Lurking at the top of the industry is a group of privileged elite. Learn how to outperform them, and communicate with them. Learn how to break into their inner circles of trust.

Kris Nóva

Kris Nóva is a computer scientist, alpinist, public speaker and transgender advocate best known for her work on Linux and Kubernetes.

She specializes in Linux kernel security, distributed systems, infrastructure management, and open source software engineering.